Legacy of Archeagus

An open world RPG you can truly live in, Legacy of Archeagus is the primary project at Avano. Set in a high fantasy world that should be both familiar and compelling to old and new gamers alike, LoA means to draw you in as a player and fully immerse you in a living, persistent world.

The goal of the game is to allow one or more players to thrive and eek out a living in a vibrant, organic world that is constantly evolving. Whether you choose a life in the city as a tradesman or entertainer, or you set out for a life of adventure on the open road, the countryside or even at sea, LoA should provide plenty of challenges and rewards.

The choices you make can have far reaching impact and consequences, from foresting to mining to the battleground … the choices you make can mean salvation or redemption for some, and doom for others.

The Legacy of Archeagus. Its what you make it.

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Welcome to Avano Game Studios!

Welcome to the newly created web site for Avano Game Studios! A small indie game company based out of Austin, Texas, Avano is focused on creating rich and compelling game worlds that players can truly live in, not just play through.

Legacy of Archeagus is our first announced game and more details can be found on the LoA page. Check here often for news for the first beta test for LoA, featuring the blacksmith profession.